Haven’t been around much…

So much happened in 2013 and some of it I’m still recovering from. It seems as if as soon as one crisis ended another began. Thus far 2014 has been better. I feel hopeful. I was looking at a card for a Bat Mitzvah I won’t be going to and I found a cute one online. … Continue reading


Today my therapist said I was my own biggest impediment and then she laughed. I think she said something along the lines of, “give me a moment,” and she laughed. Not hysterically, not with joy, I think it was an honest to god giggle. If that weren’t strange enough I have no sex drive. None. … Continue reading


There’s something about writing with anonymity that I relish. One of the reasons is because of the subject matter of this blog. Not really something I want my in-laws to inadvertantly find whilst looking up some information on their daughter in law. Probably best in that regard, no? The interweb does provide anonymity of its … Continue reading

Everybody’s doing it!*

What are they doing? Writing about 50 Shades. I have to say I agree with the reviews I’ve read about the book. Like some of them, I have not read it. I’m relatively new to BDSM, but not erotica. It saddens and disappoints me that some fabulous authors have yet to be discovered, but I am hoping … Continue reading

An unlikely pair

I have had a friend. He is unlike any friend I have had before. Years ago, and by years I mean more than one and less than five, we corresponded as two married people looking for who-knows-what…the missing spark? Passion and excitement? Filthy dirty sex? There’s a long version and a short version. I will stick … Continue reading

Where do you hang your hats??

I have just started reading The Bloggess’ book. I’m going to say first book because I suspect there will be more where this comes from… Also even if it isn’t her first book, it’s the first one I’ve read. I’ve already choked on my coffee once. I am currently giggling maniacally at the part about … Continue reading

Something new

Don’t you just love it when you discover something new? And by something new, I mean, something new to you. Fran Lebowitz. Started watching a documentary about her and I’m smitten. When I was a child, it was called talking back. Now it’s called public speaking.” Fran Lebowitz This is the quote I had to … Continue reading


Am trying to be more disciplined with my writing. Some things have changed in my situation and rather than process it I’ve been practicing the ancient art of avoidance. It was suggested to me that I might turn to food, or drink, or sex as a means of escape… Never one to go with the … Continue reading

The merry month of May

I’m not a fan of May. Living in the PNW often means fickle weather. The sun comes out, you find your sunglasses and your shorts and by the time you run out the door it is the big drip again. May messes with my head. May is nature’s anticipatory tease. Students are restless, pets are … Continue reading